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Chicken Paella

This is our most popular paella dish!

We use free-range chicken,

Spanish chorizo and our local seasonal vegetables.

The chorizo gives this paella recipe a twist adding extra flavour and colour.









Seafood Paella

From the ocean to your paella!

This is a definitely favourite paella between seafood lovers.

The combination of the different fresh local seafood and fish enriches the flavour of this paella dish.










Vegetarian Paella

This is an excellent option for those who love vegetables!

It is a dish with great nutritional and health value that combines

the taste of the local seasonal vegetables in Perth.








Imperial Paella

Heaven in your mouth for seafood lovers!

The centrepiece of the dish is a fresh Lobster, surrounded by a variety of local seafood and fish.









Black Paella

This is our gourmet seafood Paella. Once you've tasted it you will be left wanting more.

It comes with a combination of fresh local seafood and it is squid ink that gives it the deep black colour.

This is served with our famous alioli (garlic sauce) 







Chicken Paella

Seafood Paella

Vegetarian Paella

Imperial Paella


Black Seafood